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Construction Blueprint Project

Construction Blueprint project, funded under the Erasmus+ programme, addresses sectoral skills mismatches based on cooperation of key stakeholders –24 partners from 12 European countries, coordinated by Fundación Laboral de la Construcción (FLC), by gathering skills intelligence and developing a sector skills strategy to deal with the shortages.

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Why a Skills Observatory?

This Skills Observatory has been created as a tool for observation and monitoring of skills needs expressed by construction companies of different countries of the EU, allowing users to have a closer approach to anticipation of skills at national/European levels.

The Construction Skills Observatory aims to serve as a complement of the data and information provided on construction ecosystem by the European Construction Sector Observatory (ECSO).

Methodological note


Main aim of the Skills Observatory

To be a channel for transnational knowledge sharing and sectoral enrichment, providing relevant information for all those active in the construction sector, for companies, and especially VET providers, who will find significant and up-to-date information on current and future skills needs to support them matching their training offer.

Featured sections

Skills needs analysis in the construction industry

Report on the skills needs identified in the consortium countries, especially in the fields of energy efficiency, circular economy and digitalisation.

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Skills needed in the European construction companies

Results of the first edition of the survey with nearly 2,000 European companies’ replies in the construction sector on the skills most in demand.

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New VET curricula

New training curricula designed to update VET offer for the students and workers of the construction industry in the fields of Energy Efficiency, Circular Economy and Digitalisation.

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Professions and qualifications to be subject of modernisation

Comparative analysis report including the relationships of skills and competences (specially related to Energy Efficiency, Circular Economy and Digitalisation) that have to be included in the sectoral upskilling process of the relevant occupational profiles.

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Do you want to get more information about skills needs?

Download the report on Technical Skills

Download the report on Transversal Skills